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BIM Modelling

We offer BIM modelling services. When 3D Modelling is prepared, it reduces rework in BIM environment, improving productivity and reducing conflicts and clashes during site execution.Our service includes modelling from 2D CAD drawings, image files and PDF files. We also provide Scan to BIM services, which is converting

Shop Drawing

Shop drawings are extracted from the BIM model and detailed so that they are accurate up to its granular level. BIM has revolutionised the construction processes, so the drawings extracted from the BIM model have no errors. The clashes between various services are already rectified in the BIM model…..

Revit Families

Using REVIT software, we create parametric families, in-place families and adoptive families, to reduce modelling time and file size of a project.Families are objects used in the project environment inside Revit. The use of families reduces significant modelling time. We at Centreline studios create intelligent families….


Scan2BIM is a process in which uses Lidar laser to scan the building. The output of this scanner results in the form of Point cloud data. Point cloud is a collection of data points defined by a given coordinates system. We at Centreline Studio convert this point cloud to a high quality…

3D Floor Plan

We create 3D floor plan models for you to visualise your dream building so that you can see what you want to build even before you start construction.This saves cost and time as you will not berequired to do any re-work. The 3D floor plans created by Centreline…


BIM and Virtual Reality (VR) are integrated, allowing users to do a live model review with a virtual walkthrough. By adding VR, the BIM solution can address retrieving and presenting information and increasing efficiency on communication and problem solving in an interactive and collaborative project.We make it easier for clients to visualise designs earlier ….

Marketing BIM Presentation

3D floor plan, 3D rendered image, live walkthrough animation and BIM VR 360 help clients secure bids.Before a building has been constructed, we help even those clients who don’t have basic knowledge in AEC industry to visualize how a building will look after construction.This greatly helps clients to

Bill of Material (BOQ)

Using BIM for cost estimation has a wide range of benefits compared to conventional methods. BIM tools have the capability to update the QT’s automatically when the model is revised as per updated design drawings. So there is no need to make calculations every time a design change…

4D Construction Simulation

4D Construction simulation is the linking of time schedule to the 3D model. This is an animated model that represents the planned sequence of construction set against time. This allows the stakeholders to visualize the construction phase in a virtual environment.4D has made possible the ability to map time

Clash Coordination (BIM Coordination)

Using NAVIS software, Clash Coordination is done with the same or different services ensuring a clash free model. This model will have the capability and accuracy which helps in the various phases of the construction project life-cycle and thus saves time and cost. Clash check is run between building services …

Development of In-house Company Standards

For big builders and companies who use REVIT software, we at Centreline Studio create high quality company standard templates as per the requirements stated.These templates can be used as a part of the standards of the big builders and companies for them to standardise their design and development processes….

Structural Modelling and Detailing

Centreline Studio provides Structural BIM Services for Industrial, Commercial and Residential structures. We deliver services based on different locations and purposes as per requirement in keeping with the standards of  construction methodology and BIM Compliance …