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About Centreline studio


We are a company specialising in BIM Modelling and documentation.

We, Centre Line Studio, are a growing drafting company. We specialize in drafting Architectural & Structural projects using BIM software.

Our core competency is focused on successfully drafting and implementing innovative solutions using global delivery models. With over 3+ years of extensive experience in ADI (Architectural Designing & Implementation) services using proven design, methodology and experience, we offer state of the art designing solutions addressing customer needs.

You can confidently choose us because we are a fast growing company based in India with clients across the world. We are on the threshold of growth today. We are steadily moving up the value chain by taking on architecture, design, and interior designing. Our core group of committed and top-notch managers and designers deliver cutting edge solutions for you and your firm.

Our experience and skill make quick execution of your plans simple - something that perhaps shows up best when projects seamlessly transition from paper to construction.

Mission and Vision


To offer design and drafting services to Architects and Builders, with high quality standard out put in a cost effective manner.


To fulfil our mission, we will:

Strive to be a leader in the Architecture and Structural Designing and Drafting industry; to build our reputation based on attention to quality and detail.

Offer our clients a detailed scope of work. Design and Build the visions of our clients. Effectively reduce costs by maintaining high standards, quality and scheduled delivery.

Our Values