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We are Centreline Studio

We are a growing drafting company specialising in Architectural and Structural projects using BIM Software. With 3+ years of extensive experience in Architectural Designing using BIM Software.


What We Do

In Addition to our commitment towards excellence
We are steadily moving up the value chain by taking on architecture, design, and interior designing. Our experience and skill make quick execution of your plans simple - something that perhaps shows up best when projects seamlessly transition from paper to construction.
  • BIM Modelling
  • REVIT Families
  • 3D Floor Plan
  • Class Coordination
  • Development of In-house company standards
  • Structural Modelling and Detailing
  • Shop Drawing
  • Marketing BIM Presentation
  • Bill of Material
  • 4d construction Simulation
  • BIM+VR

Latest News

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How BIM Helps Construction

BIM Cuts Construction Costs

Building Information Modelling, well-known as BIM is nothing but the process of designing a building as a team using a system of ...
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